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A hand drawn map of Teltra

New Episodes Released Monthly,
with original art, music and lore.

The bonds of peace are failing.

The Teltran Isles slide ever closer to war, and a new age begins to dawn; one which will be ruled by the strong and ruthless.

Now the lives of three seemingly unremarkable people will be woven into the very fate of Teltra itself;

Durith, Nurah, Farin logos.jpg


an ageing sage watching as his Order tears itself apart



a boy marked by a strange encounter deep in the Old Wood



an eight year old girl thrust out into the world with her fox Pin

All three will have to find more than strength to survive, more than courage to endure, and more than luck to save all that is dear to them. None are safe from the fires of war, and the first spark has already been struck.

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Meet the Makers

A blacksmith working by firelight
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